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Make your fragrance as a dream!

Make your fragrance as a dream into reality!

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Make your fragrance as a dream!

Make your Chanel Coco Mademoiselle fragrance as a dream come true into reality


Make Chanel Coco fragrance , This seductive perfume has a sparkling, bold floral-woody fragrance. Middle notes usually last way longer than top notes and add more depth to the scent experience, says Bresnahan. With accords of jasmine and May rose, it’s a classic fragrance for every age group.

Make a change and select perfumes that make you feel a certain way, says Emma Vincent, perfumer at Lush. “Could it smell comforting, or uplifting or make you feel confident – is that what you need right now?” If it’s beauty and that joy you want to feel, this optimistic fragrance that smells of thousands of flowers is the right pick.

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When you want to change things up, Vincent suggests experimenting with layering perfumes. “Maybe one day I want to wear a confident perfume such as the one I created for Lush called Nero, and I will layer this with my wedding fragrance I made at Lush called Confetti.


The perfumes aren’t too clashing, and I can have both confidence and comfort at the same time.” Lush Karma perfume features patchouli, Brazilian orange, and Siberian fir and is a spicy yet relaxing mix.

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