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Top selling perfumes in Pakistan

Top selling perfumes in Pakistan

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Top selling perfumes in Pakistan

Top selling perfumes in Pakistan

Fragrances by Midhat is best perfume among top selling perfumes in Pakistan.
Which includes EAU DE PARFUM/ EAU DE TOILET. Inspired by some international perfumes Versace, Channel (as channel is the toppest perfume in the world), Bvalgari, Al sabaa, Azzaro chrome, HUGO boss the most luxurious scent.

Which perfume is long lasting ỉn Pakistan?

Midhat perfumes are long lasting because Parfum contains a good oil and is the most expensive with the staying power longest. Midhat have great working experience with EAU DE PARFUM and EAU DE TOILLETE

What is the strongest type of perfume?

EAU DE PARFUM is the strongest type of perfume. All variants contains PARFUM , “ PARFUM EXTRAIT “, EXTRAIT DE PARFUM”, “PURE PERFUME”, “ EXILIR “.
(EDP) have 10-20% of perfume oil and between 15%-40% aromatic compounds.
Extrait de Parfum or pure perfume, this mixture has the maximal concentration of perfume that will last 6-8 hours.
Parfum comparatively contain 15-40% perfume essence but probably contains between 15-30%

What are the main types of perfume?

•Perfume or Parfum
•Eau de Perfume or Eau de Parfum
•Eau de Toilette
•Eau de Cologne

Difference between EAU DE PARDUM & EAU DE TOILETTE?
The contrast lies in the mass of perfume oil.
EAU DE PARDUM: (EDP) has a higher concentration of 12%-18%.Eau de Parfum is stronger and more lasting. This type of perfume last 5 to 6 hrs.


(EDT) contains around 5-15% perfume oil
Similarly, Eau de Toilette is both lighter and fresher. It has the lasting of 2-3hrs.
Difference between a cologne and perfume?
A cologne or Eau de Cologne is a type of perfume. It’s a liquid just like perfume, a legacy that bought off a fragrance, but there is a nuance; A substance that is not a perfume. A cologne contains less essential of oils or any essence.
EDC contains a low concentration of perfume essence only around 2-4% and mainly is cheaper than the other types of perfume. Last up-to 2-3 hours.

What last more perfume or cologne? Perfume lasts 3 times longer than cologne.

Eau de Fraiche
Eau de fariche (“Fresh water” in French) has only 1-3% of perfume essence the rest contain water and alcohol. It has only two hours of lasting mostly. Contains the minimum amount of alcohol hence it is diluted with water.
What are the four best fragrances categories?
Each effect creates different essence of fragrance.

Why perfumes are alcoholic?

Perfumes are alcoholic because water and alcohol helps to dilute, blend the essentials oils and other substances or elements in a perfume. This may easier and richer to identify the type or fragrance. Alcohol is the perfect carrier for fine fragrance because it is so light and volatile. Alcohol makes the fragrance derive from your skin and take out the notes.

Benefits of using oil perfumes?

Perfumes with oils boost in helping skin retain the scent longer. It enhances the fragrance and hydrate your skin. It makes the aromas stay longer. Easily absorbs to your skin and it has less changes to dry your skin.

Why do we use an organic ingredient to make hypoallergenic perfumes?

Organic ingredients make the perfume organic do not contain any chemicals; pesticides or toxins, which can cause skin sensitivity and environmental damage. Nonorganic perfumes may cause some allergic to you. Organic perfumes are good for the sensitive persons to use.

What is hypoallergenic fragrance?

Hypoallergenic fragrance is a chemical free perfume it’s a term that means reduced the chances of allergy, but it does not mean the minus of allergy but there are less chances to damage your skin or any sign of allergic. Reduced the allergenic component they will not cause any rashes or itching or asthmatic problem. Hypoallergenic fragrance having the low risk of any side effects and it is safer and more hygienic to you.

What is meant by Natural Fragrance:

Natural fragrances are those scents which have been create with using a substance of plants, tress, flowers, fruits and extracted from animals. They came from natural properties like musky, flowery, woody, and more but initially natural notes are do not last longer.
The main difference between natural fragrance and fragrance is:

Natural fragrance ingredients comes from natural place where nature exist; blends of typical essential oils and botanical extracts. On the other hand, fragrance is created in lab with some substances.

Is it necessary to concentrate on gender labels before purchasing a perfume?

Gender labels in perfume isn’t necessary. However, that’s not correct. Perfume has always been gendered and assigned to either men or women, which indicates we’ve seen trends and styles that have examine the history of perfume. It’s major to focus back and view the transformation of these trends & styles emphasis the form of gender but whatever gender label is there on the bottle isn’t crucial. If it thuds you, then have it.

Is cheaper perfumes are good or not?

Cheaper perfumes are good it does not mean if the perfumes are expensive, so the fragrance is also rich. If the truth be told there are many luxurious perfumes are selling at half price even a third of a price. There are many fragrances are fabulous, aromatic, and remarkable are normal to sale on cheaper price. Hence price does not help you to judge the quality & fragrance of perfume.

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