Midhat Fragrance For Her (Gorjhus)

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EDP (Gorjhus) 50ml

Vaporisateur Spray

For women


Gorjhus make you feel more fresh and rich. It’s a dream fragrance for every lady! Must add this perfume in your collection if you are a crazy lover of fragrances.

Your scent wardrobe is incomplete without this extremist perfume.


Top: are Blackberry, sea breeze, granny smith apple, sparkling, fresh lemon, Clementine, Cactus, Cappuccino, and Pepper.

Middle: are exotic fruit, Orchid, Hortensia, aquatic bouquet of lotus and freesia, Mimosa, and Camelia.

Base: are Musk, cedar, sandalwood, Blackberry, Amber, and Woody Notes.

Directions: Apply inside wrists (pulse point), inner elbows, behind your ear lobes, backknees.

Additional information
External use only.
For all skin types.
◦ Do not apply to sensitive ,broken or inflamed skin.
◦ Keep away from heat & flame.
◦ Avoid to apply on eyes & mouth
◦ Don’t overdo
◦ Spritz , don’t mist
◦ If cause any allergic reactions, reduce the amount of spritz or stop using the product immediately .
◦ Age restriction person above 10years can use ( not for kids )
Keep this product in cool & dry place


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Midhat Fragrance For Her (Gorjhus)
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