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MetaFied Contains vitamin e, flavonoids, niacins, riboflavin, biotin, linoleic acid, and opcs, also antibacterial properties all elements which are necessary for healthy hair growth and vitality. as well as moisturising ingredients like squalene and oleic acid. linolenic acid is thought to stimulate hair growth. niacins and riboflavin for hair renewal. these vitamins boot the production of collagen, which is essential for hair & strong growth. proteolytic enzymes in aloe vera effectively break down dead skin cells on the scalp that may clog hair follicle.

Metafied Men’s Hair Growth Oil: The Onion Oil Secret for Pakistan’s Gents

Pakistan’s gentlemen, it’s time to nurture your hair with the essence of tradition and the strength of nature. Introducing Metafied Men’s Hair Growth Oil, a potent concoction that brings together the age-old nourishment of Vatika and Castor oils with the revolutionary power of onion hair oil. Embark on a path to revitalize your hair by exploring this premium blend at Metafied Men’s Hair Oil, tailored for the discerning Pakistani man.

The Revitalizing Power of Onion Hair Oil

Renowned for its remarkable properties, onion oil has emerged as a cornerstone for hair revitalization. Rich in sulfur, antioxidants, and vitamins, it promotes hair growth and effectively combats hair loss. Our Metafied Men’s Hair Growth Oil is crafted to leverage these benefits, specifically for the unique hair care needs of Pakistani men.

Why Choose Metafied Hair Oil?

Our hair oil is a symphony of Vatika and Castor oils, long cherished in Pakistani heritage for their deep moisturizing and strengthening capabilities. Infused with onion extract, Metafied Hair Oil not only promises hydration but also pledges to restore hair vitality and reduce hair fall.

Nourishment for Your Scalp

The journey to thick, luscious hair starts with a healthy scalp. Metafied Hair Oil deeply penetrates to nourish the scalp, combating dandruff and infections with the antiseptic power of onion oil.

Encouraging Robust Hair Growth

This specially formulated blend is rich in nutrients that invigorate and stimulate hair follicles. Collagen production is enhanced by the sulfur in onion oil, essential for hair growth, ensuring that each strand grows strong and healthy.

Curbing Hair Fall

With the fortifying properties of onion oil, Metafied Men’s Hair Growth Oil is your shield against hair fall. It meticulously strengthens each strand, reducing breakage and promoting a fuller, denser hair appearance.

How to Use Metafied Hair Oil

Apply Metafied Hair Oil by massaging it into your scalp and hair thoroughly. For optimal results, let it work its magic for at least an hour or overnight before washing with a gentle shampoo. We recommend using it two to three times a week for consistency and the best results.

FAQs About Metafied Onion Hair Oil

Q: Is this hair oil suitable for all hair types found in Pakistan?

A: Yes, Metafied Hair Oil is formulated to cater to all hair types prevalent in Pakistan, from dry to oily, straight to curly.

Q: How soon can results be expected?

A: While individual results may vary, with regular use, many notice improvements within a few weeks, with more significant hair transformations often observed over several months.

Q: Are there any strong odors due to the onion?

A: We’ve refined our formula to ensure a pleasant scent without compromising the integrity and benefits of the onion extract.

Q: Where in Pakistan can Metafied Men’s Hair Growth Oil be purchased?

A: It’s readily available for you to purchase. Simply visit our product page here to buy your bottle today.

Pakistan’s men, the time is now. Choose Metafied Men’s Hair Growth Oil with onion oil and experience a revolution in hair care, right from the comfort of your home.

MetaFied Hair Oil 100ML by Midhat Ingredients: Almond oil, coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, amla oil, castor oil, olive oil, onion oil, garlic oil, grapeseed oil, lavender oil, mustard oil, aloe vera oil, taramira oil with extracts of fenugreek & Murraya koenigi. omega-3, vitamin
(A, B-7,C ,K & E)

Take a right amount of
oil and massage gently from
roots to ends
leave on hairs for minimum
30 minutes for best result.
Use atleast thrice a week.

◦ Prevent hair loss
◦ Remove dandruff
◦ Regrow new hairs
◦ Control greasy hairs
◦ Control dryness
◦ Reduce split ends
◦ Reduce hair breakage
◦ Treat patchy hair condition
◦ Strong roots
◦ Strengthen hairs
◦ Treat with fungal scalp infection
◦ Remove lice
◦ Soften hairs
◦ Control premature greying
◦ Silky hairs
◦ Natural keratin
◦ Natural conditioner
◦ Promote healthy circulation to the blood vessels in the scalp
◦ Frizz free
◦ Reduce hygral fatigue
◦ Prevent firm hair strands
◦ Prevent hair sun burn
◦ Remove dead hair follicles
◦ Reduce stress
◦ Reduce inflammation
◦ Protect from thinning hair
◦ More healthy hairs
◦ Nourish scalp
◦ Bring shine
◦ Hair booster
◦ Cellular regeneration
◦ Soothes scalp
◦ Fast repair
◦ Chemical free
◦ Give nutrients
◦ Treat with brain health
◦ Hydrate rough scalp
◦ Antibacterial properties
◦ Enhance hair texture
◦ Give volume
◦ Promote cell production in scalp
◦ Protect UV damage
◦ Antioxidant
◦ Full of natural minerals
◦ Full of vitamins

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  1. khurram

    Best oil for hair growth and dandruff 👍🏽

  2. Faizan Zaheer

    Excellent quality and execllent results.

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