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Mystery spray Perfume

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Mystery spray Perfume
“A spray which gives you a luxury feel in your wardrobe “

Mystery spray is a perfume for women. Every age women can wear this perfume.
Its a all season perfume. The good thing about this perfume is that its stay longer. The lovers of this perfume might be fruity lover, who really want some fruity scent that makes them fell fresh. Its very aromatic & rich fragrance.

It has all fruity notes open with Raspberry, Strawberry, Mandarin Orange, Rose , lemon, ambergis ,pineapple and Cherry then balanced with Grapefruit ,peaches , cedar, wood , citrus ,Black Currant and ends with Patchouli and Musk. As Mystery Spray is a treasure of fruity notes. With a little touch of patchouli.

Mystery spray contains premium oil which are hypoallergenic and friendly to every type of skins. The quality of oils are most finest and pure. Thats it the Mystery Spray by Midhat has a Extra Long Lasting. The lasting upto 24hrs indoor and outdoor more than 12hrs.

Must add this perfume in your collection as it is the perfect bottle for the women who are searching for some luxury perfumes in affordable price with finest quality. The Less spray of mystery spray enough to apply.Highly recommended for the sensitive skin & fruity fragrance lovers.

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