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Ameer Oud Al Eau de Parfum: Discover the Alluring Fragrance by

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Ameer Oud Al Eau de Parfum is an aromatic and alluring fragrance exclusively presented by Explore the exquisite scent of Ameer Al Oud EDP, which captivates from the very first spray with its aromatic, aldehydic, and citrusy aroma.

Ingredients of Ameer Al Oud Original:

Ameer Al Oud is a Special Edition vaporisateur spray with a delightful blend of ingredients, including Bergamot, Oregano, Allspice, Amber, Opoponax, Frankincense, and Cistus. Its top notes feature Saffron, Nutmeg, and agarwood, while the heart notes offer a combination of Geranium and Woody scents. The base notes encompass Oud, Vanilla, Leather, and sandalwood.

Difference between Oud and Perfume:

Oud, known for its strong and long-lasting aroma, is typically used in small amounts to add depth and complexity to fragrances. On the other hand, perfumes are generally more diluted than oud and are primarily worn for personal enjoyment and grooming purposes.

Ameer Al Oudh Intense Oud by Midhat: A Unisex Amber Fragrance:

Experience the captivating Ameer Al Oudh Intense Oud by Midhat, an exquisite amber fragrance designed for both women and men. Immerse yourself in the allure of this unisex scent that leaves a lasting impression.

Why is Oud So Expensive?

The rarity of oud contributes to its high price. Only a small percentage, estimated to be fewer than 2%, of wild agar trees produce oud. The finest oud comes from the oldest trees, which are even scarcer. As a result, oud can be sold for prices as high as $5,000 per pound or more.

What Makes Oud Smell Unique?

Oud derives its intense perfume from its bark and resinous wood. The wood contains an aromatic, rich, dark resin, which is produced when the trees are infected with parasitic molds and bacteria within the first 5-6 years of their lifespan.

Difference between Oud and Oudh:

Both Agarwood and its resin extracts are known as oud. In Western countries, perfumers often refer to agarwood essential oil as “oudh” or “oud.” Oud is considered one of the most expensive raw fragrance ingredients globally.

Oud in Islam:

Oudh, also known as the “woods of gods,” is the basis of one of the most prized fragrances in the world, featuring an intoxicating musky scent. In the Middle East, it is often referred to as the “Black Gold” or “liquid gold.” Oud holds a significant place in Islamic culture and traditions.

Benefits of Oud Perfume:

Beyond its enticing fragrance, oud is believed to possess medicinal properties. It is thought to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, making it potentially beneficial for alleviating pain and reducing swelling. Oud has been historically used to address various health conditions, including irregular menses, urinary diseases, heat in the body, sexual libido, and skin and liver disorders.

Midhat Premium Fragrances:

Midhat specializes in manufacturing premium fragrances using high-quality ingredients. These scents are known for their luxurious and long-lasting nature, surpassing many other fragrances in quality. A combination of natural and synthetic ingredients is used to create Midhat Premium fragrances, resulting in deep, complex, and enduring scents. Indulge yourself in the enchanting aroma of Ameer Al Oud perfume by Midhat, and experience the feeling of being truly special.


Discover the captivating allure of Ameer Oud Al Eau de Parfum, an aromatic masterpiece exclusively offered by Immerse yourself in the enticing blend of ingredients that make this fragrance truly special. Whether you’re seeking a unisex scent or a fragrance with medicinal benefits, Ameer Al Oud and Midhat’s premium fragrances are sure to leave a lasting impression. Try Ameer Al Oud perfume today and elevate your olfactory experience.

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